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Multi-media Evangelism

We use multi-media tools and services to engage our audience and reach them with the message of Hope and to scale far beyond the typical limitations of traditional global outreach and evangelism efforts thereby hitting a broader audience. Read more... 

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Our Ministry Highlights



Evangelism is an integral part in the life of Potter’s Gate Ministries. We are gifted and commanded to reach out to the world in dynamic ways.


Church Planting

Our Church Planting Initiative cooperate actively and completely surrender to God in His church planting missions.


We served as a national and international advocate for the most vulnerable in our communities and the underprivileged worldwide.


Monthly Reader

The Monthly Reader Book Club members read and share their book reviews online via our blog.

Photo Gallery

Collection of ministry photos highlighting our evangelistic, mission, Church planting and philanthropic efforts.


Resources Bank

Facility staffed by a specialist, containing several information sources to enable effective equipping.


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The Potter's Gate Media Ministry uses multi-media tools and services to engage our audience and reach them with the message of Hope. The Media Ministry skillfully uses these tools to drive awareness and enthusiasm around the gospel of Christ and ministry, providing a face to ministry and help to build empathetic connections with our audience.
We are passionate about media and depend on sincerity. In forming empathetic connections with our audience the Potter's Gate Media Ministry out of a genuine desire to connect with, and be helpful to, our audience.
Multi-Media tools allow Potter's Gate Ministries to scale far beyond the typical limitations of traditional outreach and evangelism efforts hitting a broader audience and holding our audience even as it expands.

The Multi-media Ministry Utilizes media tools to drive:

AWARENESS - Despite high Outreach and Evangelism budgets the Multi-Media Ministry solve real world business issues involved with global evangelism through our media ministry. We use interactive media tools to raise awareness amongst our audience.
INNOVATION - Hand in hand with awareness is innovation. Our Media Ministry uses the bandwidth available to us to consider innovative solutions using a set of products and services to meet potential ministry needs. The Potter's Gate Multi-Media Ministry uses and provide this this service by discussing, demonstrating, and advocating, innovative approaches to media outreach and evangelism.
DEMAND - By driving groundswell awareness and capturing innovative mind-share the media ministry help build demand amongst client user base that in turn drive deployment.
DEPLOYMENT - As our broader audience is reached through media evangelism and demand for the use of the message of hope increases within our user base deployment increases. Ministries who have purchased media solutions but not deployed them are not seeing a return on their investment.
VALUE REALIZATION – Multi-media evangelism ultimately help the public realize value in their investments. Where value is realized and recognized people get saved, transformed and build up, the Word is preached to the ends of the earth, and transformation and restoration are secured. It becomes a win – win situation for everyone.

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